Fantasy Football Draft Tips

I know, I know, if you are a frequent reader of this blog (and if you aren’t, welcome!) you are probably looking at the title of this post like huh? Yes folks, I Falon, lover of all things girly, sparkly, pink, and Disney, kicked some serious ass at fantasy football last year. Last season was my first time partaking in fantasy football, and I did so mainly to annoy my husband. And it worked. Because I took first place in our league. How bout them apples? (That was the nice way of saying “Suck it bitches!”.)  Now, while I am a huge lover of college football, the NFL is not my thing. So other than having a decent knowledge of the rookies, I didn’t have a lot to go on when it came time to draft my team last year. I did a bit of research and learned the standard tips, which I will share with you, but I also picked up some tips of my own along the way. Hopefully these will help you draft a kickass team of your own!

  1. Don’t draft a quarterback first. If you are someone who doesn’t watch a lot of football, you probably know the quarterback to be the leader. This is true, but you don’t need to draft a QB in your first round (in fact you shouldn’t). Most people will draft a running back in their first round. I would recommend doing that, or taking a wide receiver if you can get a really, really good one. You should aim to take your first quarterback in round 7 or later.
  2. Mix and match your quarterbacks. You will want to draft two quarterbacks and I recommend picking one solid one and one who is a bit more of a risk. Last year I drafted Eli Manning (not the best in the league, but someone who has experience and is mostly consistent) and Marcus Mariota (a rookie). Mariota was a huge standout in college, but you never know how someone is going to transfer over to the NFL, especially in his first year. Mariota was a risk, and one that paid off. He had several high scoring games for me, and no one really expected him to do that well. (Note: pick your solid quarterback BEFORE you take your risky one.)
  3. Tight ends are underrated (hehehe). I mean, in more ways than one, am I right? But seriously, most people won’t pay a ton of attention to their tight end pick, and mine ended up being a huge point scorer for me last year. I will probably draft a TE in an earlier round than many others so I can get the one that I want.
  4. Pay attention to bye weeks. Each team in the NFL has a week where they don’t play, which means if you have starters from those teams, you will need to swap them out for your bench players. If you have multiple players who have a bye the same week, you are going to be low on options and that is no bueno.
  5.  Defense and kickers come last. Sorry boys, but these positions just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of fantasy football. Defense might seem like a big one since it’s, you know, half the game, but if your defense gets you more than ten points in a week, you’re looking good. Wait until the end to draft these spots.
  6. Don’t go in blind. Some people go a little crazy in terms of research and strategy for a fantasy football draft. You don’t have to spend hours reading up, but at least peruse some articles out there on the tops picks for this season. Whatever league you are in should have some info available on rankings, make sure you read through it once or twice before your draft.

There you have it! This year I will be participating in not one, but two fantasy football leagues and I am hoping to repeat my win! I will have at least one more blog post coming your way with tips for success throughout the season, so come back soon! Have you played fantasy football before? Who’s your top choice?

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