Life Right Now

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Life Right Now, where I totally indulge in talking only about myself (but isn’t that the best part of blogging?). I kid, I kid. I love reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers so hopefully you enjoy this one too! Right now I am….

Making Playbill centerpieces for a Bat Mitzvah.
Drinking lots of iced coffee and lots of wine…so the usual.
Reading I just finished Eleanor and Park (loved it) and am about to start Cinder.
Wanting Matt to be back on summer break! Being a work at home mom is way easier when hubby is home too!
Playing a new (to me) podcast called Bitch Sesh and loving it, though we had a rough moment when one of the hosts called Hamilton “simplistic”. Um, no.
Wishing I were at Disneyland! I haven’t been in a month!

Enjoying Bachelor in Paradise. Best show on TV :oP
Waiting for the new Pantages season to start!
Liking Amazon Prime Now, though it’s dangerous.
Wondering if I am going to be able to consistently book work in the winter.
Loving being a work at home mom!
Hoping for some real blog income to come rolling in soon.
Needing a massage. And I’m pretty sure that has been my “needing” for a long time!
Wearing cotton dresses. Heat wave. Boo.


Following the Olympics (mostly).
Noticing that my natural state of being is as a night owl. If I don’t have to wake up early, I’m staying up late!
Knowing that leaving teaching was the right decision for me.
Thinking about finances, and advertising, and taxes…the joys of owning a business.
Anticipating FALL! I am so ready!
Celebrating all the little successes.
Laughing at Squirt’s new found love of pretending to be a monkey. All. the. time.
Feeling relieved, anxious, hopeful, excited, free and positive.

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What’s going on it your life right now? Anything exciting happening? Let me know! Also, don’t forget to check out my amazing HP Printer Giveaway!

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