Sponsored Post: Grand Legacy at the Park Hotel Review

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At least once a year Matt and I do an adults only trip to Disneyland. While I obviously love sharing Disneyland adventures with Squirt, there are things we can’t do in the parks with him there. And Mom and Dad need a break every now and then, ya know? This year, Matt and I ventured down to the Grand Legacy at the Park hotel for a belated birthday/anniversary trip. The Grand Legacy has actually been a family favorite for many years as the Ramada Maingate, but is now operating as an independent hotel and has undergone some major renovations. Probably the biggest selling point of the Grand Legacy is its location. It is literally right across the street from Disneyland and literally a ten minute walk from the hotel to the security checkpoint. Literally. (I really want to stress that point since so many hotels claim to be within walking distance of the parks and they definitely are not.) It was really nice to be able to walk straight to the park without getting on a bus or a shuttle, and I honestly think the distance from the Grand Legacy to the park entrance is shorter than from the Paradise Pier Hotel (which is a Disney property hotel). So location is a huge plus, and probably what most guests are paying for.

The Grand Legacy at the Park has some really lovely features, so we’ll start with the good. The pool is located at the center of the property and it is an awesome pool for kids. It has a bunch of these water games and a splash pad, along with a sloped entry and large wading area (only one and a half feet deep). For adults, the pool features a small bar selection and plenty of lounge chairs and tables. Matt and I spent a couple hours just sitting in the wading area, drinking some dranks. Though this was not a family trip, we both noted how much Squirt would love this pool.

Right outside the lobby of the Grand Legacy is a row of small shops. There is a pizza place, a small market with snacks, toiletries, and souvenirs, and a ticket/tour shop. Coming soon, there will also be a taco place and an ice cream shop. It is really nice to have these options so close to the hotel (a two minute walk from our room). It’s always good to have food options outside the park, and I personally love the convenience of the Alpha Mart for forgotten necessities or a quick snack.

One of the main reasons I was pumped to stay at the Grand Legacy was to have a chance to fully check out The Fifth, their rooftop bar and lounge. I was invited to the press opening of The Fifth and was (mostly) impressed with my experience, so I was looking forward to a second chance to check out the space. I will have a full review of The Fifth coming soon, but suffice to say, this is an amazing spot to check out the Disneyland fireworks without having to deal with the crowds. They even pipe in the Disneyland Forever music so you get the full experience.

Another thing we really enjoyed at the Grand Legacy was the free breakfast. If you are doing a full Disneyland trip, a free hotel breakfast is a huge bonus. Breakfast at the parks can be both crowded and pricey, so to have the option to eat at the hotel is awesome. We did the breakfast one of the days we were there and really enjoyed it. The only downside to the breakfast is that it has really early hours (6:30-9:30), which is great if you are heading out to the parks at opening, but kind of a bummer if you are planning on sleeping in (we actually missed the breakfast window on our last day, but it was worth it to sleep in without being woken up by a toddler!). (Also, please ignore the bite out of the doughnut…I was hungry.)

Some other pluses of the hotel were great wifi (which seems to be few and far between at hotels) and accessible parking. The option of adjoining rooms is also really nice if you are traveling with a large group.

Now, for the not so good. If you check out the Grand Legacy’s photo gallery on their website (which I obviously did as I was preparing for this trip and review) you will see beautifully renovated rooms. The bathrooms in the photos have large tubs and granite counters and are super modern and enticing. If you read the info on their website, you will learn that certain buildings of the hotel and some rooms have recently been renovated. What they don’t mention is that many (most?) of their rooms have not been recently renovated. I opened the door to our room expecting a gorgeous bathroom (and was planning on taking a kid free bath) and instead found a totally mediocre and outdated bathroom.



Wah wah. I totally understand that when a hotel is undergoing renovations it is a process that takes a long time. However, it should then be made very clear when booking that the room has not yet been updated (like don’t get excited about those pictures because that is not what you will be getting). At no point was I told that we would be staying in an unrenovated room, not upon booking or checking in, and a heads up would have been nice.

In terms of the rest of the room, I appreciated the large space and the fact that there was a mini fridge and a microwave. Those are both bonuses in my eyes, and things I really appreciate when we are traveling with Squirt.


As a frequent traveler, I am all about transparency. I can deal with pretty much anything if I am prepared for it. In the grand scheme of things, an outdated bathroom didn’t affect my trip at all. I mean, we were there for the park, not to spend time in the room. But because it wasn’t what I was expecting, it felt like we were being cheated somehow.

In terms of off property hotels near Disneyland, the Grand Legacy has a lot going for it, the main thing being its location. It is definitely the easiest commute to the parks that I have had at an off-site hotel and that is a big selling point. In my opinion, the price for an unrenovated room is pretty steep, but I can definitely see how it would be worth it for an extended family vacation. The location, breakfast, and pool make this is an awesome choice for a family Disneyland trip and I would 100% consider staying here again with Squirt.

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