Owl Crate Subscription Box: Good vs. Evil

Hey book worms! Last week I received my July edition of my Owl Crate subscription box and let me tell you, I was super excited for this one. With the June box, we got a sneak peek at the theme for this month’s box, Good vs. Evil, and I spent the month debating whether I wanted the “good” box or the “evil” box. I think if I had had a choice, I would have picked evil, which is what I ended up getting, though after seeing the contents of the box, I probably would have preferred the good. But nonetheless, this month’s box was amazing, and possibly my favorite one yet.

Here is an overview of this month’s contents…

My favorite item in the box is this wood carved Death Star necklace from Vector Engraving. I love it so much I immediately went to their Etsy shop and purchased their BB-8 earrings. The good box received the Millennium Falcon version of the necklace, which is slightly more awesome than the Death Star; however, I was thrilled to see a Star Wars themed item in the box.

Also included in the box was a Harry Potter POP figure from Funko. I am not a huge collector of these figurines (mainly because I know once I start I won’t stop), but I am all for anything Harry Potter. The evil boxes had either Draco or a dementor and the good boxes had either Luna or Dobby. I would have preferred one of the good guys, but I’m definitely glad I got Draco instead of the dementor.

Another fun item that was included in both boxes was this young adult book cover coloring book. The Queen of Hearts adorns the magnetic bookmark from Jane’s Tiny Things in the evil box, while the good box features Alice (this is one of those situations where I would much rather have the villain than the good guy).

Our book for this month is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. It’s another one I hadn’t heard of until I opened my box, and it seems a little dark for my tastes, but all of my Owl Crate book choices have been really good so I’m sure I will enjoy it. I say this every month, but I am really (truly) happy with my Owl Crate subscription! I have looked around at some of the other young adult subscription boxes out there and Owl Crate consistently provides more items per month, and everything in the box is so thoughtfully done. I really encourage you to check it out!

If you are interested in looking into an Owl Crate subscription, please use this (affiliate) link! Happy reading!

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