A New Outlook on Blogging

Well folks, my days as a teacher are numbered (literally,I’m counting down the days–it’s six if you were wondering) and as I embark on this next chapter of life, filled with following my dreams and living my truth and all kinds of cheesy cliches, I have made some decisions. And some of these decisions are going to affect how I blog, but hopefully in a good way. I don’t want to say I am done with the ambition of becoming a full time blogger because let’s be real, if I all the sudden become a super special unicorn blogger who’s raking in six figures, then um…yeah, I’m going to do that. Not like I’m going to be turning away those checks.

But I’m also going to change the focus on my blog a bit. I’m going to write for me, and for you. I’m not going to write for brands and, specifically not for Disney. The chance of me becoming one of the few bloggers on the inside at Disney events is slim to none. The chance of me becoming one of the bloggers invited to Disney red carpet events, and even the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is pretty slim. So eff it. Let me be clear, not eff them (I will always heart you, Disney), but eff this idea of writing a blog to appeal to someone else. I’m tired of censoring my potty mouth to protect this idea of being brand friendly, when in reality it’s gotten me like definitely not enough money to be worth it. That doesn’t mean I won’t be working with brands, I’m happy to work with those who get me and are cool with my style of writing, but I’m not going to pitch products I don’t believe in. And I’m done holding back me, and my voice.

Because sometimes, you just need to say “fuck”.


That felt good.

I realize that most of you are not regular readers of this blog, and you just pop by to check out a tutorial, probably via Pinterest, and that’s awesome; hopefully whatever brought you here turns out to be useful to you. But if you do plan on becoming a regular (hi!) know that you are going to see a lot more swearing like the sailor I am deep down inside, and a hell of a lot more honest opinions. Which means the content here is going to become a lot more varied. Whatevs. I do what I want.

There will still be crafts, and travel, and family stuff, and books, and all the things I love, including Disney, always Disney. There will just be a lot more me in them. So I’m still going to teach you how to make fabric covered Minnie ears, but I am also going to not hold back when it comes to how freakin’ frustrating those bitches can be to put together.

I seriously have had more fun these past ten minutes writing this post than I have had in a while on this blog (at least the writing/posting portion, I legit enjoy the majority of the experiences/crafts/books I write about). So go me. Hopefully you enjoy this new turn, but if not that’s cool too.

And with that, we out.

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