Sponsored Post: Multiple Uses for the Mini Buddha Board

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Hello friends! Today I have a super cool product to share with you, along with some really fun and unique ways you can use it. I was given the opportunity to review the Mini Buddha Board, and to be honest, I had never heard of it before. But it sounded intriguing so I decided to give it a shot and see what it was all about. The Mini Buddha Board is an awesome tool for so many different things, and the amazing thing is how little it requires to make some magic. Each Mini Buddha Board comes with a brush and has a built in water tray (though as you can see I like to use a small glass of water instead).


One of the main ways I have been using the Mini Buddha Board is in the mornings when I am enjoying my 2.5 seconds of peace before Squirt wakes up. I think about the things I want to accomplish throughout the day and pick a word that embodies those goals. Sometimes it is something tangible, like “organize”, but a lot of the time it is a word that is an idea or state of mind, like “focus”. It’s so easy to use the Buddha Board, you just dip the brush in the water and paint/write directly on the board. I love that it gives me a visual cue to focus on as I think about my goals for the day (and drink my coffee, obvs.). After a few minutes, the water dries and my word disappears. Then I go about my day, making sure I am constantly thinking back and reflecting on my daily word.


I’ve also started to use the Mini Buddha Board to help Squirt learn his letters. I use the brush to write a letter on the board and then together we trace the letter, talk about how it sounds, and talk about words that start with the letter.


As the water dries and the letter begins to fade, we talk about what letter comes next in the alphabet and then we move on to the next letter. Squirt really loves watching the letters fade, as it seems like “magic”.


There are a lot of things that make the Mini Buddha Board a great learning tool, and one is that it doesn’t create excess waste. If we were writing each letter out on its own piece of paper and then throwing them all away, that would create a huge amount of wasted paper. But because the board is reusable, we eliminate that waste but still get the benefits of writing the letters. In addition, the Buddha Board is totally safe, non-toxic, and doesn’t make a huge mess everywhere. Squirt likes to touch the letters on the board, and when he does and the water smears, it leaves no residue on his hands. As a parent, the purity of the water as ink is something that I really love.


We have been having so much fun coming up with new and different ways to use our Mini Buddha Board. It has become a favorite of everyone in our household and is used daily by almost all of us. I am looking forward to seeing all the ways we can use the board as Squirt gets older. There is unlimited potential with the Mini Buddha Board and it is a product I highly recommend for every family!

Product Disclaimer: This product is intended for ages 5 and up. Parents should always supervise young children when using the Mini Buddha Board. Touching the Mini Buddha Board with anything other than the brush (i.e. fingers) could potentially damage the board. Avoid touching the board with fingers to prevent transfer of oils.

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