DIY: Ikea Rast Dresser Makeover

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If you are an Ikea-holic like I am, at some point in time you have probably purchased the Ikea Rast dresser.  It is cheap, functional, and a great space saver.  Seriously, for $40 you can’t really go wrong.  But in its original form, the Rast is pretty unappealing…

But never fear, I am here to show you how to make your Rast adorable and chic!

We have had this Rast for a while now.  When I first bought it, I knew I couldn’t leave it bare, but this was long before I was into painting furniture and way long before I actually knew how to paint furniture (if you want my tips, click this post here!).  So I slapped some white paint on it and called it a day.  This is how it has lived for the past four years…

It looked fine, but not cute and certainly not anything I was dying to have in our house.  But we needed some extra storage in our dining room area, in the corner serving as our command center.  So I gave the ol’ Rast a quick sanding and a few coats of mint spray paint.  Then I kicked up the chic factor with these drawer pulls I found at Home Goods, and voila!

We now have a super cute and functional piece that is totally dressing up our command center corner.  It’s the perfect piece to hold pens, pencils, mail, tools…all those little items that tend to float around the house without a permanent home.  A more detailed post on the command center will be coming at you soon!

So in love with how this baby came out!  And now, an exciting new feature for you!  Every time I post a craft or DIY, I will be linking up to sites that will take you directly to the supplies I personally used.  So if you want to replicate something you see here, click the links, purchase the products and you are on your way!  I will only use links to the actual products I used, not similar items, so if you see a link, you know the item was used and tested by me personally.  Look for the little tag or the full supply list at the bottom of the photo.  Hopefully this makes your crafting easier!

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