Trip Report: La Jolla, CA

So as many of you know, our hotel experience at the La Jolla Cove Suites was not exactly the best, but despite that, my mom, Squirt, and I had a really nice time on our mini vaycay down south.  La Jolla is a beautiful city and we had fun exploring the town’s main drag, and of course enjoyed our stunning view and multiple walks along the beach.

After checking into our hotel in the afternoon, we ventured out to find a market to get milk and some other food supplies.  While we were out and about, we decided to stop for a quick drink at the La Jolla Brewing Company.  It had been an easy drive in terms of the baby, but nonetheless, it was a long trip and I needed a beer!

I enjoyed a citrusy hefeweizen and some fried pickles while my mom enjoyed a Starbucks (she doesn’t really drink).  We had the patio to ourselves so it was nice and quiet and Squirt was able to wander a little.

That night we took in our first sunset and it was pretty spectacular.  By far the best part of being at the beach (in my opinion) is the view of the ocean.

There was a huge park area across the street from our hotel and a nice walkway that went right along the edge of the beach cliffs.  We walked along the path in the morning and I loved seeing all of the greenery along the cliffs.  Usually with the beach you don’t get a lot of green, but there was a lot of plant life around, which was awesome.

We took a quick two minute drive up to the city’s main drag and did some shopping.  There were lots of cute little antique and home decor shops that we wandered through.  Even Squirt found fun stuff while we were shopping.

After nap time, we took another walk along the water, because why not.  This time we were able to get a closer look at some of the seals.  I’m not sure Squirt was actually able to see them as they are similar in color to the rocks, but they were fun to watch (for me).

The beach down below the walkway was pretty crowded with swimmers and snorkelers.  It kind of looked like a beach in Hawaii, which I had never really experienced in California before.  The water was calm in the cove, and some of the clearest waters I’ve seen at our lovely So Cal beaches.  I would love to bring Squirt back when he is old enough to go out and do some water exploring.

That evening we went back up to the main drag for dinner.  I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this adorable pink building with the black and white striped awnings.  I would do this to my house if the hubs would let me.

The sunset our second night was even more spectacular.  I loved being able to sit on our balcony and watch the sunset.  We fed Squirt out there so we could watch and sat and chatted out there after he went to bed.

Our final morning my mom had to go to her business meeting so Squirt and I ventured out alone after breakfast for one last walk along the beach.  Really, these views cannot be beat.

I’m glad we got to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful morning before the debacle of checking out of the suite.  My mom, Squirt and I had a pretty great time considering some of the troubles we encountered with our hotel.  La Jolla is truly a stunning location and I would love to take Squirt back when he is a little older so he can experience some of the fun beach activities he’s too little for right now.  La Jolla is a great place for some family fun, and a gorgeous place to relax at the beach!

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