Times They Are A-Changin’!

You may start to notice some changes around here over the next couple of weeks.  Don’t worry, the Disney is not going away (that could never happen!), but I am going to start diversifying the content of my posts a little. I really want to be able to share all of the things that are going on in my life, and while that will always include Disney and Disneyland, it also includes a lot of other things.  When I named this blog A Disney Mom, I was thinking about it as a mom who frequently goes to Disneyland and creates Disney related projects.  Now it means more to me.  Whether I am at Disneyland or working on Disney crafts, or doing something totally unrelated to Disney, I am a Disney Mom.  Disney encompasses a lot of my thoughts and ideals about life, and to me, it is so much more than a theme park.  So everything in my life is about a Disney Mom, because that is who I am!

With that being said, you are going to see some new stuff on the blog!  You all know we recently moved, and we are doing a decent amount of renovating our house, which I will be posting about.  I will also be posting about some of the new design projects I am working on to decorate the new place.  As time goes on and Squirt gets a little older, I will have many more parenting topics to post about, and a lot of those are going to include travel tips and advice.  I also am hoping to do a blog redesign soon, which I am super excited about.  So basically it is going to be an exciting and crazy busy time for me over the next few months and I want to be able to write about all of it!  I am looking forward to sharing all of my new adventures with you and thank you for stopping by!

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