DIY: Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

As I mentioned previously in my DIY first birthday Mickey shirt post, Squirt recently turned one and we are celebrating with a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party (obviously).  We are hosting the party a month after his actual birthday so that we can have it in our new house!  That’s right, we are finally moving and I am so excited to be getting out of our little one bedroom hovel and into some actual space (we won’t have to eat dinner in our bed!).  The party is going to be basically the first weekend we are moved into the house, and depending on how construction and painting goes, we might not even be fully moved in yet.  But that will not deter me from throwing the best Mickey party I can!  And the first step to any amazing party is an amazing invitation.  I came up with this DIY after looking at several more complicated ones on Pinterest.  I have zero craft space right now so I needed something easy and fast.  Here is what I came up with!

And here’s how to make these on your own!

1.  Gather supplies: black cards, red strips of cardstock, a glue stick, yellow dot labels, and party info printed on white cardstock (I busted these out in like five minutes using Word).  Learn from my mistake here: I assumed the black cardstock, which I already had on hand, was 5″ x 7″ and cut my red stripes and party info accordingly.  Then I figured out that the black cardstock was in fact 4″ x 6″ so I had to trim everything as I was assembling the invites.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Measure before cutting!

2.  Attach the party info cardstock to the top of the black cards.  I ended up trimming the sides on my other ones so more black was showing (see final product).

3.  Glue a strip of red cardstock to the bottom of the black card.  Make sure there is black showing in between the party info and the top of the red strip.

4.  Attach two yellow circle labels (found these at Staples) to the red cardstock to represent the buttons on Mickey’s pants (which in reality, are white, but the yellow is much cuter!).

And you are all done!  I crafted about 25 of these babies and the worst part was all the trimming, which you will not have to do because you are going to measure beforehand!  Really, these were super simple and I absolutely love how they came out.  Two birthday projects down, and many more to come!

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