Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART)

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland and staying in one of the local hotels, you definitely need to look into the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) system.  Most off property hotels are not within walking distance to the parks, but driving can be costly and time consuming (or not possible if you are traveling without a car).  The ART shuttles provide an affordable and convenient travel option to those staying in the area.  We take the ART anytime we are staying at a hotel in Anaheim and riding is super easy.

First, find one of these automated machines to buy a bus pass.  There is one at each stop, plus several at the parks.  A one day ticket for an adult is $5.  If you are going to need multiple days of transportation, there are multi-day tickets as well.

These signs signify an ART stop.  We are lucky because there is one right outside the hotel we always stay at.  There are stops within walking distance of most major off site properties.

The shuttles take you directly to the park and drops you off in the transportation circle.  If you are looking at Disneyland, this area is off to the right (in the opposite direction of Downtown Disney).  The shuttles themselves are really clean, and the seats are cushioned.  The only bad part is if you are traveling with a stroller, you do have to hold the baby and fold up the stroller.  Sometimes this is a pain in the butt, but it is the case with most shuttles/buses/trams.

When you are ready to head back to your hotel, this is the area you will walk through.  Pay attention to the number on your route so you can make sure you get back on the right shuttle.

The numbered pick up points look like this…

To check routes and see if your hotel is near a pick up spot, you can check the ART website or ask your hotel concierge for more information.  We have been using the ART for a couple of years now and we really like the shuttle system.  It is much easier for us to take the shuttle than drive the mile to the park and pay for parking.  Plus, with the one day ticket, you have unlimited rides so you can go back and forth as often as you like (great if you need to go back to the hotel for a nap).  We have noticed that on busier weekends (like on our last stay for the Never Land 5k) it can be a bit of a wait for the shuttle to come and pick you up, but on a normal weekend, it usually takes 15-20 minutes at the most.  Despite the wait, we love taking the shuttle and use it often.  If you are looking for cheap and convenient transportation, the ART shuttle is the way to go.

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