Show Review: World of Color Celebrate!

Alright, so if you read my recap of the 24 hour Diamond Celebration kickoff event, you know that despite my goal of seeing all three new shows in one day, the only one I actually got to see was World of Color.  And if you are a frequent reader of A Disney Mom, you may remember that I am not a huge fan of World of Color (the past editions).  While the technology and effects are absolutely breathtaking, WOC was always lacking something that keeps a show relevant and magical: a story.  I have watched Fantasmic! a million times.  I could act out and recite the whole thing for you, and yet, when I am in the parks at night, I choose to watch it over WOC.  Why?  Because it has a story, and that story resonates with me.

I was hoping this 60th WOC overlay would bring that element of story to the spectacular visuals and effects, and it did.  I think this is exactly what needed to happen to WOC in order to make it a show that will last twenty years like Fantasmic! has.  As I’m sure you have heard, Neil Patrick Harris hosts the show, alongside none other than Mickey himself.  (Also, sorry for the blurry pics, it was a bit breezy while we were watching which made a difficult photo op even harder.)

The duo share a little bit about Walt and his dream of creating Disneyland.

We take a journey through some interviews with Walt and then explore the creation of Mickey and how he has evolved over time.

We then see some clips from some of the most famous animated Disney movies, starting with Snow White, leading to…

Okay, okay, we get.  Frozen is the most popular Disney movie ev-har.  The only moment that left me a little bleh in the show was this section dedicated to “Let it Go”.  I wouldn’t have minded it so much if they showed other movie clips during the song, but they didn’t.  It was the only song played in its entirety and they showed the whole scene from the movie.

Then we move on to focus on Disneyland itself.  This was definitely my favorite part of the show as it highlighted some of the best parts of Disneyland.

The end of the show is a serious tear jerker.  They incorporate home videos from real guests throughout the sixty years of Disneyland’s history.  If that doesn’t get you right in the feels, I don’t know what will.

And this is one of my absolute favorite quotes from Walt and it is one I repeat to myself often.  Every time I’m feeling like this little blog is going to remain little, nothing more than a hobby, I remind myself of this quote.   I need to keep the courage and keep plugging away and someday this big dream for my little blog will become a reality.

But I digress.  I’m sure if you are planning on attending Disneyland during the 60th that World of Color is already on your must see list.  And it should stay there!  I’m so glad that I love this new version of the show because I feel like it completes the immense love I have for California Adventure.  Do not miss out on your chance to see Celebrate!

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