Disney’s Descendants Book Review and a Giveaway, Part One!

Hello lovely readers!  A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the launch event for the new Disney Hyperion young adult novel, The Isle of the Lost.  IOL is the prequel to the upcoming Disney Channel original movie, Descendants.  I have been excited about the movie since I heard about the concept, so when I found out there was a book to go along with it, I was stoked to read it.  I was also stoked to get to hear from the author, Melissa de la Cruz, and star of the movie, Dove Cameron, at the launch event.

Upon arriving at the event, I found myself quickly surrounded by a gaggle of tweenage girls who were all like soooo excited to meet Dove.  I was more interested in hearing from Melissa, as I am a fan of her other YA series Blue Bloods.  And you know, she’s a writer and stuff and I am kind of into that (yay Creative Writing degree!).  Melissa came out to talk to us first and she gave us some background on the novel and introduced two trailers, one for the book and one for the movie.

The movie actually looks really cute, and bonus, Kristin Chenoweth stars as Maleficient, which I am excited to see.  Melissa then introduced Dove (is that her real name?) and she came out and did a reading of the book as her character from the movie.

Okay, this girl is just about the cutest thing ever.  I mean, she looks like she could actually be a Disney princess.  Which is ironic, considering she is going to be playing the daughter of a villain.

Dove and Melissa took a few minutes to “interview” each other about their role in the book and their process.  They took a couple of questions from the audience, which consisted mainly of young kids, which lead to some cute, if not exactly substantial questions.  Then everyone lined up for the book signing.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the way Dove carried herself, and mostly the way she talked with the young kids who were coming through to get their books signed.  She was so sweet and encouraging and seemed very genuine in her interactions.  She posed for pictures (lots of selfies) and wrote a personal message to everyone.  She is either a really good actress, or a very grounded and down to earth kid (I’m going to go with the latter), pretty impressive for a nineteen year old.

I headed home after the event and dove into my copy of Isle of the Lost.  Stay tuned for my full review of the novel, plus a very special giveaway coming up later this week!

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