Disneyland 60th Kickoff Event Preparations!

The Disneyland 60th Kickoff Event is almost here!  I cannot even tell you how excited I am for Friday.  I have been doing a lot of crafting and prepping for the event and I wanted to share some of my preparations with you!  I am going to do my best to make it through as much of the 24 hours as I can, but no promises as to how long I am actually going to be able to hang.  Mama ain’t twenty any more.  But I want to give myself the best possible chance of making it through the day and to do that I need to be comfortable and prepared.

Comfort:  Here is what I am planning on wearing to the day of event.

I am sticking with my old standby comfy jeans, a royal blue T-shirt, a white cardigan, my 60th Minnie ears, and these fabulous earrings from Femme De Bloom.  The weather has been ridiculous here in So Cal lately, so I am going with a lightweight cardigan to give a little warmth.  It’s light enough that I can easily throw it in my backpack if the day warms up.  I will be starting the day in my Nike flip flops because I’m a Californian and that’s how I roll, but I imagine I will be switching over to my Skechers Memory Foam sneakers at some point.  Chances are I will need a sweatshirt for night time weather and chances are pretty damn good that I will be buying a 60th one when I get to the park.

Preparation: Here’s what I will be bringing with me to the park.

Snacking is going to be a must throughout the day and while I will certainly be indulging in some of the special 60th treats, I am bringing my own goodies too.  Goldfish crackers are a Disneyland staple for me and you can’t go wrong with white fudge pretzels.  Because I will be bringing you all the highlights of the 60th, I’m bringing a notebook and pen to write down everything I want to tell you guys.  Obviously I am bringing my camera and I will probably rock the tourist look of backpack and camera bag.  The standard sunglasses, chapstick, hair tie, and bobby pins are musts for me, along with Aleve and a mini first aid kit (mostly for the bandaids).  I also invested in a portable phone charger, since I will be Instagramming and Tweeting all the live long day.  And of course, my wallet, since I will be spending money on all the merch.  Not pictured, but I will also be bringing three or four water bottles since staying hydrated is going to be key in lasting through the day.  (P.S.  I made the 60th themed backpack the same way I made this Mickey messenger bag.)

I will be leaving for the celebration tomorrow afternoon!  Make sure you are following along on the journey with me on Instagram and Twitter!

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