Life Right Now

Hard to believe it is already May!  Where is the time going and why is it going so fast?  And why do I feel so old whenever I say something like that?  Well, not a lot has changed in terms of the big stuff in the last month.  We are still living in our one bedroom sublet while we house hunt and it still sucks.  Luckily, I am finished with all of my major productions for the year.  Unluckily, the hubs is coming up on his busiest three weeks.  So life is still crazy, but also crazy good.  Here we go!

In my life right now I am…

Making ears!  One set for a friend and one set for me for the big 60th!
Drinking celebratory mimosas since I am done with my final show of the year.
Reading Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, so far I am loving her humorous take on parenting.
Wanting sleep.  Always sleep.
Playing “Uptown Funk”.  Still.  The kid can’t get enough.
Wishing we will find a house soon!


Enjoying the new season of Game of Thrones.
Waiting for Disneyland’s 60th!
Liking Ritz Toasted Cheddar Chips, they say there is less fat than regular chips, so therefore I can eat a whole bag at once.
Wondering what my teaching schedule is going to be like next year.
Loving my husband.  Again.  He pretty much just rocks.
Hoping Squirt’s current sleep trend (actually sleeping) lasts!
Needing a massage.  My neck is hella tight.  (Just FYI, the use of “hella” there is ironic…I don’t actually say that…)
Wearing the few wintery pieces I packed.  What happened to summer, SoCal?

The Disneyland 60 party is a couple weeks away!

Following the Disney Hipsters on their Disneyland vacation and loving the East Coast take on my home park.
Noticing how many cool people are going to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this year, hoping for an invite next year!
Knowing that my “baby” is growing up and beginning to accept it.
Thinking how crazy it is that this next time month Squirt will be one!

Crazy how fast this kid is growing!

Anticipating my upcoming trips to Disneyland, one for the Never Land 5K and one for the 60th.
Celebrating the end of a really successful year in my drama program.  My kids kicked booty.
Laughing at Squirt as he is beginning to “talk” and develop some super cute personality traits.
Feeling relieved, excited, pumped, creative, sorta relaxed, and hopeful.

Our Neverland 5K outfits!

And there’s your glimpse into my life right now!  Fingers crossed that next month’s Life Right Now include’s news of a new house!

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