Life Right Now

Hello lovely readers!  Today I want to start a new series that I hope to continue on a monthly basis (though I never like to set strict deadlines for these things as I am terrible at following through with them).  I got the idea for this series from Caitlin at Icing on the Cake and I think it is such a cool idea and a great way to snapshot the month.  And honestly, life is a little cray cray right now (we sold our house before it was even on the market and are moving into a one bedroom sublet while we look for a new place) and this seems like one way to help gather and organize my thoughts!

In my life right now I am…

Making absolutely nothing.  My crafts are packed and in our new sublet, which we will be moving into this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll be back to crafting next week!
Drinking a lot.  Of everything.  Moving is hard, yo.  Moving with a ten month old is even harder.
Reading Drama High by Michael Sokolove for some work inspiration.
Wanting sleep.  And to be done moving.
Playing “Uptown Funk”.  The song is magic, anytime Squirt is fussing in the car, I put it on and he stops crying.
Wishing I could be back at Disneyland.  Nineteen more days until my pass is unblocked!

Wine in a disposable cup.  ‘Cause I’m classy like that.

Enjoying this season of Survivor.  #TeamJoe
Waiting for Spring Break!  One more day!
Liking the newly discovered indoor play space in our neighborhood.  It is going to be a lifesaver during our months in our one bedroom sublet.
Wondering where we are going to end up moving.
Loving my husband.  Seriously.  We have had a stressful couple of weeks and he has been amazing, as usual.
Hoping we find a new house soon!
Needing sleep.  Hardcore.
Wearing my summer clothes.  It’s starting to really heat up here.  Bring on the dresses!

Missing my second home!

Following the end of the Kings season.  Fingers crossed for the playoffs!
Noticing how much my baby is starting to look like a little boy.
Knowing that the hardships we are facing with the move and staying in a teeny tiny sublet are only temporary.
Thinking that they sure as hell better be!

Go Kings Go!

Anticipating my upcoming trips to Disneyland, one for the Never Land 5K and one for the 60th.
Celebrating the end of my spring musical.  My kids were awesome and I am so proud of them.
Laughing at my kid.  But like in a good way.
Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, excited, thankful, optimistic, did I mention exhausted?

Even if he hasn’t slept in three nights, I still can’t resist this face!

And there’s your glimpse into my life right now!  I’m hoping that this weekend will settle things down a bit and I can soon be back to a more normal schedule, at least until we actually find a house and have to pack up and move all over again!

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