DIY: Mickey Washi Tape Tealights

If you are a momma to a little one like mine, chances are you have tons of baby foods jars laying around your kitchen, begging to be repurposed in some way.  I have been collecting jars for a while now and I have plans to use most of them for Squirt’s first birthday (which will obviously be Mickey themed).  I decided to go ahead and give these washi tape tealights a go so I could clear out some space for new jars.  This project is super easy and fast, and I love how they came out (not to mention all the different options you have).

Here’s what you need: baby food jars (small and squat work best), washi tape, and tealights.

First, take the labels off the jars and get rid of as much sticky gunk as you can (steel wool works well).  It’s okay if there is a little residue since you will be covering the area that’s sticky.  Also, make sure you give the inside of the jar a good washing, otherwise when you light your candles, it will smell like baby food.

Carefully wrap your tape around the middle of the jar.  I had to readjust a couple of times, but the nice thing about the washi tape is it comes up and reattaches easily.  I would cut the end rather than tear it since it makes a cleaner line, but as long as the tape matches up all around it is hard to tell where it ends.

Place your tealights in the jars and you are all set!

How cute are these guys going to be on the tables at Squirt’s birthday?  Love them, and seriously so easy!  You could make these with any of the Disney washi tapes available below (links are affiliate)!

Happy crafting!

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