Dapper Day Inspiration

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I have another Disney confession: I have never been to Dapper Day.  And I REALLY want to go to one.  Problem is that most of them are on the weekends and my pass is blocked out (can I just tell you how much I hate blockout days?).  The next Dapper Day at Disneyland is coming up this weekend on March 1.  I’m blocked out of the parks that day, but I am thinking about going down for the expo and possibly the new event, the Dapper Day Lawn Party.  I mean, I owe it to you guys to cover as many Disney events as possible, right?  Then comes the real dilemma: what to wear?  If you don’t know, Dapper Day celebrates the old tradition of dressing up to visit the parks.  If you’ve ever seen vintage Disneyland pictures, you may have noticed the women in dresses and the men in ties, that’s how people used to dress to visit the park.  Over time that has obviously changed, but Dapper Day celebrates that old tradition.  People dress up in all kinds of amazing vintage garb and stroll around the park like it’s 1960 again.  To help me (and you) get inspired for Dapper Day, I put together some vintage inspired Disney bounding looks.  Donald and Minnie are two of the more common and popular choices, and the Mad Tea Party is just a fun twist (and an excuse to wear a lot of pretty colors).  I hope you like them!

Which one should I go with?  Have you been to a Dapper Day event before?  What did you think?

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