Restaurant Review: Wine Country Trattoria

Hello friends!  Time for another restaurant review!  A couple of weeks ago I dragged the hubs down to Disneyland on a Friday night (not an easy feat when you live in LA).  It had been a long time since we had a Disneyland date night (like since before I got pregnant with Squirt) and I was in desperate need.  We started out the evening having dinner at Wine Country Trattoria, in California Adventure.  We typically eat at DCA on date nights because, well, that’s where the booze is and we had eaten at the Trattoria before and enjoyed the food.  We arrived around 8:00 and despite a crowded park (it was Star Wars Marathon weekend), were told the wait would be about fifteen minutes.  So we got some drinks at the wine bar next door (Hubs chose beer, as usual) and snagged a table at the outdoor patio.

We were seated within the fifteen minutes at a table inside the restaurant…

When we have eaten there in the past, we sat outside on the patio, which is much prettier.  But we were hungry and didn’t have a ton of time, so we stuck with our inside table.

Since we already had drinks, we went straight to perusing the menu.

Though of course, I did check out the wines.  Just to make sure I could give a complete review.

Hubs and I decided to share an appetizer and entree.  We started with the Caprese Salad, which is always one of my favorite options at any Italian restaurant.  It was pretty tasty, though it could have used more mozzarella (you can never have too much cheese).  I would say it was on par with most Italian places.

For dinner we shared the Herb-roasted Chicken Breast.  I was expecting a bigger portion, I guess because I live in the land of huge food, and so this was kind of disappointing, especially since Hubs and I were splitting it.  It was good, the pasta in particular was yummy, I just wish there had been more of it.

We decided to skip dessert so we could spend more time walking around the park.  When all was said and done, we were in and out of there in less than an hour, which was nice since we mainly wanted to spend time at Disneyland.  I feel like my previous experiences at Wine Country Trattoria were better than this one.  The food was good, but it wasn’t the quality I have come to expect from Disney dining (the Alfresco Tasting Terrace had much yummier options).  I usually feel like I am getting a good value for what I pay, but this time, not so much.  Also, service is usually impeccable at all Disney restaurants (and I was a server for five years so I have high standards) and while it wasn’t bad this time around, I wouldn’t call it great either.  I’m sure we will go back to the Trattoria again since we like Italian food and it is a convenient location in the park, but this experience was definitely not one to write home about (so I’ll just blog about it instead).

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