Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Sidekicks

It’s time for another edition of Kill Refurb Marry, Disney style.  Again, a special thank you to Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog for hosting, you guys rock.  This month we are taking a look at Disney sidekicks.  I have always believed the sidekicks have the best parts.  They get the jokes and they don’t have the pressure of the heroes.  And in my short-lived acting days I found out how much more fun it is to play the character role as opposed to the lead.  Disney has created some pretty legendary sidekicks, which made my choices (most of them) difficult, but I’m pretty excited to share some sidekick love (and death).

Kill: If you checked out my KRM: Villains post, this should come as no surprise.  Tinker Bell is a brat, an attempted murderer, and the worst example of a jealous woman.  I wouldn’t mind seeing her gone for good (especially from all the cute merch I have a hard time buying because she is all over it).

Refurb:  I so love me some Little Mermaid.  And as a kid, I loved Flounder.  I still kind of love Flounder, but watching the movie as an adult has made me realize that he is kind of whiny.  He is a great friend to Ariel, but he is not nearly as funny as Sebastian or even Scuttle.  I guess I want my sidekicks to have a little gumption, sass, and sarcasm and Flounder is lacking all three of those traits.  But I still love you, Flounder, seriously.  Just stop being so nice.

Marry: Lion King was another movie I watched on repeat as a kid.  Partly because Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the voice of Young Simba.  Mostly because Timon and Pumbaa are two of the best characters Disney has ever written.  The duo is hilarious, I mean, they make fart jokes in song.  “Hakuna Matata” is one of my favorite Disney songs because of these two.  In addition to being humorous, these guys are great friends.  They take Simba in and in the end, are willing to put themselves in danger (and drag) to help their buddy out. Plus, they were based on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (from Hamlet, if the Bard is not ya thang), which is just a bonus.  Also, I love Nathan Lane.  So we’ve got: fart jokes, great song, good friends, drag, Nathan Lane, and Shakespeare.  Pretty unbeatable combo if you ask me.

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