What to Expect at Freeze the Night

So as promised in my previous Frozen Fun tour, I went back to visit Freeze the Night.  I have never been one to go to these nighttime dance parties that happen at DCA, and after attending Freeze the Night I remembered why, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, the tour: the entrance to Freeze the Night is in the same place as the entrance to the daytime Frozen Fun

Only now it has cool lights!

There are two separate dance areas set up, this one is in the back.  Marshmallow is there in the back to “dance” with (scare?) the little kiddies.  There are all kinds of cool lights and graphics…

At night, you can get one of those Frozen themed cocktails I so desperately wanted during the Frozen Sing Along.  I didn’t get one because the line was so long and the Carthay Circle bar was calling my name, but if I were going to hang out at Freeze the Night for an extended period of time, a cocktail would be necessary.

Over at the main dance area, the DJ is set up and blasting club music.

There is lots of dancing happening, from both parents and kids…

And at least the DJ has a “cool” stage setup…

Okay, so here is my honest opinion on these nighttime dance parties.  I don’t go to Disneyland or California Adventure to feel like I’m at a tame rave.  I understand that it’s nice for teenagers to have something to do in the parks, but these things (to me) just turn into weird and awkward school dances.  Like if you’re sixteen and going to prom and your parents and younger siblings tag along and dance with you.  I think I would like it better without the club type music.  Like maybe play some dance remixes of Disney songs instead.  The whole thing seems out of place.  Take it to Downtown Disney, and then it might make a little more sense.  It seems odd to see little kids bouncing around in one area and then five feet away see teenagers mildly grinding on each other and then five feet away from them is a fifty year old dad trying to look cool while twerking.  Not my favorite, but if that is your kind of thing, then Freeze the Night is something you will enjoy!

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