Everything You Need to Know About Frozen Fun at DCA

Well, it’s official, Frozen has taken over California Adventure.  We all knew this moment was coming.  As soon as you walk down Buena Vista Street, you are hit with the cold, this huge frozen fractal stands right behind the Walt and Mickey statue.

The entrance to Frozen Fun is down Hollywood Blvd, where you used to enter the Muppets Studio area.  There is also a back entrance closer to the Aladdin theater, where the Mad T Party entrance was.

As soon as you walk through the arch you see Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, stocked with all kinds of Frozen merchandise.  I didn’t spend too much time looking through the merch, but I will say, I really like the cast members outfits here (the one with her back turned in the sweater).  Super cute, but probably not fun on a day like this one when it was eighty degrees outside.

The old Muppets theater has been turned into the Crown Jewel Theatre, which houses the Frozen Sing-Along (you can find more info on that here).  The Fastpass for the show is located right in front of the theater.

Off to the side where the Mad T Party used to be now lives Freeze the Night.  I’m hoping to check that out this weekend, so I will report back with more details on the nighttime dance party soon.

The House of Ice features some “cool” drink selections…

And at certain times of the day (check with a cast member), there is face painting…

One of the highlights of Frozen Fun is the chance to meet Olaf.  This was at around noon on a Wednesday, so you can see how many people are dying to meet their favorite snowman.  From what I could overhear, there is some sort of pager system in effect with the Olaf Meet n Greet so you are definitely not standing in line the whole time.

If you meet Olaf, you will eventually wind up in Olaf’s Snow Fest, but you don’t have to do the meet and greet to get in, anyone can go in and check out the space.  (Note: I was there before the “snow” was open so I didn’t have to wait, I just walked right in.  Once the snow is available, I imagine there is wait to get in.)

I will say, I think the Olaf’s Snow Fest area was my favorite part of Frozen Fun.  It is super cool inside and I imagine for So Cal kids in particular, it is pretty magical to experience the snow.

You can see the area where Olaf is at the back of the building.  In the center is the “snow”.  These guys are prepping it for playtime, which started about 12:30 pm.  You can see the frozen fountain in the center of the snow area.

There is also a mini hill for sledding and sliding down when the snow is open.

I just happened to be there at the right time and got to see it “snow”…

My favorite part is this gorgeous patio area.  I love the lanterns.  How cool would it be to have a wedding in here?  Cocktail hour or reception even, it would be stunning.  Or engagement pictures….oh, the possibilities!

Inside there are some different food and drink options to help guests “warm up” (note that they are wearing T-shirts and shorts)…

And of course, more merch…

If you want to catch a glimpse of Olaf without waiting in line, you can see him from the Snow Fest area…

Overall, I didn’t hate Frozen Fun as much as I thought I might.  There are some cool aspects to it and as always with Disney, the details are gorgeous.  As of right now, Frozen Fun is slated to be at DCA until May of 2015.  I’m interested to see if they end up extending it (which I assume they will if they are making enough money) and if not, what they will bring in next.  Have you been to Frozen Fun yet?  What did you think?

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