DIY: Glitter Mickey Earrings

Alright Mouseketeers, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you have noticed that I love all things shiny and sparkly.  Glitter is one of my crafting best friends (and my husband’s worst enemy) and I will slap it on anything that I can get my hands on.  Disney and glitter together?  My favorite combo!  Here is what we are going to make today:

What you will need for this project: earring stud posts, Mod Podge, glitter, E6000 glue, a sponge brush, and Mickey brads (I found these at Michaels, they are plastic with a sticky back; I found them in the sticker section).

Dab a tiny amount of the E6000 onto the earring post.  I didn’t even squeeze any glue out, I just used the residual that was already at the top of the tube.  Attach the Mickey to the earring and let it dry.

Use your brush to cover the Mickey with Mod Podge.

Cover the Mod Podge with glitter.

Shake off the excess glitter and you now have a super sparkly pair of Mickey earrings!  It is always a good idea to seal in glitter, either using another coat of Mod Podge or a sealer.  Once you have let them dry, you are ready to rock your new jewels!

I’m thinking these are going to be pretty awesome for the diamond anniversary of Disneyland, coming up next year!  I am definitely going to make some black ones, and possibly some red for Christmas.  The sky is the limit with colors, I might make a whole rainbow of them!

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