New Mommy Post: Mommy and Me Movies

 Being a part time stay at home mom, I am constantly on the lookout for activities I can do during the day with my little one tagging along.  Walks are always nice, except the weather here in sunny So Cal has been just that–sunny.  Not so great when toting around a four month old.  We have walked the mall a time or two, but there is only so much shopping I can do without actually spending all of my money.

So when I discovered Mommy and Me movies, I was ecstatic.  A theater full of moms and their kids, where no one cares if you whip out a boob or stand up to walk around with your fussy baby?  I’m sold.  And these movies are actually of the adult variety, not just kid flicks (not that I mind those, of course)?  I’m going every week.  I actually first discovered this phenomenon back when I was still pregnant.  I went to see a matinee on one of my pre-delivery maternity leave days and happened to catch a parade of moms and strollers (and some dads) on their way out.  I checked out the theater’s website and saw that every Monday at 11:00 am, a new film is offered to parents and their little ones.

A couple of weeks ago, Squirt and I went to see our first movie, Gone Girl.  It was awesome (and the movie wasn’t too bad either).  There was a table set up in the front for easy diaper changes, the lights were not quite as dark as in a typical movie, and the sound was lowered for sensitive ears.  Throughout the entire showing there was constant fussing and crying, which could have been annoying, except it meant I didn’t have to feel guilty or get up and leave when it was my kid fussing and crying.  I nursed him twice in the theater (and I am someone who is not comfortable breastfeeding in public–doesn’t bother me when others do it, but it’s not for me) and changed him once.  And I got to see a movie I had been dying to see but wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise.

From what I can tell, most theaters have some sort of Mommy and Me movie options available that are so worth looking into.  But even if there aren’t specific kid friendly showings available, you can still take your little one out to the theater.  This week’s movie showing was the new Nicholas Sparks flick, and those just aren’t for me (especially with crazy hormones that make me cry at the drop of a hat).  So instead, I took Squirt to a noon showing of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (see my review here!).  Before buying my ticket, I asked the cashier how many other people were going to be in the theater, and he told me I was the first one buying a ticket.  It ended up being Squirt and me, another mom and her toddler and a random single guy.  We were minus the bonus features of lighting and sound adjustments, but it was still an enjoyable experience for both of us.  I waited until after the movie was over for a diaper change, but I did nurse Squirt once and stood up and walked him around a little bit when he started to fuss towards the end.

Whether you stay home part time or full time, I imagine you are like me and need to actually find a reason to get dressed and get out of the house most days.  Mommy and Me movies are a perfect solution.  I will be going to my local theater once a week from now until Squirt is in preschool!

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