DIY: Disney Themed Halloween Potion Bottles

I’m not going to lie to you, Readers, I have been so unmotivated when it comes to decorating our house for Halloween.  Normally I like to at least do a mantle display, but this year, I have been feeling uninspired and (mostly) lazy.  But I did find some awesome looking bottles in the dollar bin at Target, and they inspired me to come up with these cool Disney themed potion bottles:

So here is how I crafted these super easy bottles.  Gather your supplies: bottles, labels, food coloring, and a marker.  If you want to create your own label, some cardstock, twine, and paper punches.

I wanted to make one hanging label, so I used my tag paper punch to create this shape:

And then I used a gold paint pen to write “Drink Me” (from Alice and Wonderland) on the tag…

On the pre-made labels (I believe these are from the Martha Stweart line) I used my black marker to write “Deadly Night Shade” (from Nightmare Before Christmas) and “Poison Apple” (a la Snow White) on the labels.

Then I filled the bottles with regular water.  The tall one is an old bourbon bottle and the two small ones are from the dollar bin at Target.

Then I used the food coloring to dye the water the desired spooky shades.

Once the bottles were corked, I applied the labels.

And then I created a display with all three bottles together…

Right now they are the only Halloween decoration in my house, and given that it is almost the middle of the month already, I imagine that’s how it will remain!  But I love the subtly spooky look of the potions, and the subtle Disney theme makes them even spookier!

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