My Disney Bucket List

I think every Disney fanatic has an idea of some of the Disney related things they want to accomplish and I certainly am no different.  I decided to write down my bucket list in the hopes that seeing it in print might force me to make some plans and check off some of my dreams!  I know it is going to take me some time (and money) to get many of these things done, but some of them are pretty doable (with a little help!).  Without further ado, here is my list!

My first two bucket list items are recent additions.  The hubs and I have been running in the Neverland 5k at Disneyland for the past two years (and we’re signed up again for 2015!) and I have loved every second of it.  So of course I want to run the two races that involve two of my favorite things: princesses and wine!  Plus, that would mean I could get the Coast to Coast medal, which would be awesome.

The last time (and only time) I visited Disney World, I was ten and Animal Kingdom hadn’t been built yet so I need to go back and visit that park in particular (and I of course wouldn’t mind spending time at the rest of the Disney World parks either!).

Going on a Disney Cruise would be pretty awesome, ’nuff said.

Eating at Club 33 and 1901 seem like they should be pretty easy since they are in my neck of the woods, but I am lacking one important detail: someone who can get me in!  As I’m sure many of you know, eating at these exclusive locales in the California parks requires a membership.  A membership requires a ton of money (and patience as there is a wait list).  My only hope for this one is to find someone with some connections who is willing to help me out!

I would love to stay in the Dream Suite at Disneyland or Disney World.  I have a feeling this one will be the hardest to accomplish as the suites are pretty much not in use any longer, unless celebrities or the Make a Wish Foundation are involved.  But a girl can dream!  The themed suites at Disneyland Hotel should be much easier to check off the list, I just have to fork over the cash!

And finally, I would love to visit the international Disney Parks at some point.  These items are probably going to be the last I check off as I can imagine it will be difficult to travel so far with kids.

What items are on your Disney bucket list?  Have you checked off any of my bucket list items?  Let me know!

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