DIY Disney Duct Tape Lanyard

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Hello Disney fans!  I have another easy Disney DIY for you today!  I came up with this one because I discovered this adorable Minnie duct tape hiding in my craft bin…

…and I knew I needed to make something cute with it.  So I took to Pinterest for some ideas and I instead found this amazing Disney Princess duct tape

Of course I ordered two rolls of the princess tape!  I couldn’t help myself!  Along with finding more tape to buy, I also found some cool ideas for duct tape projects on Pinterest and I decided to use my cool new to tape to make a new lanyard for my school keys.  This project was super easy and the lanyard is proving to be very sturdy, which is great for work!  All you need to get started is your tape and a key ring!

First, lay your tape out, sticky side up on a flat surface.  I did a practice one with ugly tape first and that gave me a good idea of the length I needed.  You might want to measure how long you want your lanyard before cutting your tape.

Fold one side of the tape into the center and smooth it down.  I found it easiest to start in the center and work in small increments outward.

Then fold the other side into the center and smooth it down.  Make sure you cover all the sticky parts.

Take both ends of the tape and loop them through your key ring. Fold up.

Take a small piece of tape and secure the ends.

I wanted my bottom part to look pretty so I cut out Belle and put her over the tape closure (above).

And here is the finished product!

Super easy and my pretty new keys have made going back to school a wee bit easier.  Just a wee bit.

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