DIY: Birthday Girl Minnie Ears

Hello Mouseketeers!  I am so excited about this project that I am going to be sharing with you today!  I have been wanting to make some ears of my very own for some time now and just never found the right opportunity or motivation.  When I saw the template posted here at Inspired by Dis, I knew it was time to get my butt in gear and craft some ears!  I made these super cute ears for my birthday and it was so easy to make them, I have plans for a whole bunch more.  First, let’s start with the Birthday Girl Minnie ears!

1.  Gather your supplies: a glue gun, the template located in the link above, adhesive backed glitter foam, glitter sticker letters, a headband, ribbon to match your foam, ribbon to match your letters, and some good scissors.

2.  Using the ear template, trace two sets of ears onto the back of your foam.  Make sure you leave the backing on!

3.  Cut out the ear shapes, again making sure to leave the backing in place.

4.  Use your sticker letters to write “Birthday Girl” (or whatever message you want!).

5.  Use the ribbon that matches your foam to cover your headband.  Place a dab of hot glue at one end and wrap the ribbon around until you get to the other end.  Glue the end in place and trim off any excess.

6.  Place your ears.  I would place before removing the backing and actually attaching.  I even made tiny little pen marks on the headband where I wanted to place the ears.  Since the foam is adhesive, just peel off the backing and carefully stick the ears together.  If you are a little off, it’s okay.  I trimmed off some of the edges where the ears didn’t quite meet up.  Just make sure you only trim the back side, not the front.

7.  Make a bow with the ribbon that matches your letters and attach to the headband with the hot glue.

8.  Now you have your very own personalized ears!

I wore these last week to the park for my birthday and got a ton of compliments.  I am super excited to make some more sets!

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